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Show The World That Americans ‘Choose Life’

As I type these words on my Apple computer, I consider the likelihood that this device would not sit in front of me if abortion was legal in 1955 when Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was born to an unwed graduate student and put up for adoption.

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An International War of Words

Liberals, whether in Europe or 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, have a worldview on immigration that makes absolutely no sense. And that was before today‚Äôs terrorism. These liberals believe that the world has a ‚Äúconstitutional right‚ÄĚ to be in their countries, whether they came legally or not. Remember, in liberalism, ‚Äúintent‚ÄĚ always supersedes action.

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True Insensitivity is Making Excuses for Murderers

There will always be something that offends someone, especially on the internet. You have two choices in how you can respond: ignore or get upset. If you get upset, then you must decide if you are going to do something about it--i.e. write a letter, tweet, blog, or start a movement. The option that never should get sympathy is to go out and kill 12 people. Misunderstanding satire does not excuse violent extremism.

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Bishop Harry Jackson: Healing The Racial Divide

The 700 Club’s Gordon Robertson interviews Bishop Jackson about the current racial divide in America and what the Church can do about it.

Dr Eric Wallace Interview

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An Interview with the Honorable Ken Blackwell at the BCS 2014

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