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Untapping the Wells of American

While most Americans favor the idea of a social safety net, it is a mistake to think that expanding that net to engulf most of the middle class will promote the kind of behavior that leads to greater prosperity. In fact, research demonstrates that greater dependence on government does not encourage the honest hard work necessarily for a thriving economy.

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Flash: Christians Actually Far Less Likely to Divorce

This is a game-changer. Talk about   “an old wives’ tale.” You’ve heard it said that 1) 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce, 2) most marriages that do happen to make it are, nonetheless, unhappy, and 3) Christians are just as likely to divorce as non-believers.

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Here’s Real Culprit to Blame for America’s Decline

We have become so accustomed to laying all our ills at the feet of our leaders that we have gotten to the point where not a single ounce of responsibility lies at the feet of those truly responsible for the current state of affairs. We completely absolve the true culprits of the real responsibility and then wonder, “How on earth could we find ourselves in such a predicament?” It seems we have forgotten who is really in charge and, subsequently, who is to blame. The real guilty parties? The American population – “We, the People.”

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The BCS 2014 Leadership Initiative

The Black Conservative Summit will hold it's Leadership Initiative in Washington DC September 25, 2014 at the Allan P.  Kirby Center for Constitutional Studies & Citizenship. Register today at www.theBCS.net

Empower Chicago

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Chicago: The False Confession Capital

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