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Howard Fuller Has The Answer For Ferguson

Dr. Fuller is Distinguished Professor of Education at Marquette University, where he founded, in 1995, the Institute for the Transformation of Learning. In addition to many other affiliations and honorary degrees, he is the Chairman of the Black Alliance for Educational Options.

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Republican Tim Scott Doesn’t Run From His Blackness

To his credit, Scott has not bought into the ridiculous notion that you can’t be Black and Republican, too. I have never heard him make the asinine statement that “I am not a Black senator, I am a senator who happens to be Black,” as though he was just walking down the street and “Blackness” suddenly jumped all over him.

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A Jobless Recovery and Employment Lies

The service sector is the largest growing segment of workers and the hospitality industry isn’t letting most work more than 29.5 hours in NC to avoid paying benefits. Burger King has moved its headquarters to Canada to avoid paying $50 billion in taxes yet folks don’t appreciate the deals with the rich corporations are unfortunately being crafted of necessity to allow those few jobs to stay here.

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The BCS 2014 Leadership Initiative

The Black Conservative Summit will hold it's Leadership Initiative in Washington DC September 25, 2014 at the Allan P.  Kirby Center for Constitutional Studies & Citizenship. Register today at www.theBCS.net

Empower Chicago

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Chicago: The False Confession Capital

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