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A Post-Christian White House

In a display that would have been unthinkable not that long, a few days ago our First Lady admitted and discussed on national television how the Obamas do not bother going to church. We now have our nation's first First Family to not to attend regular worship services. Did you ever think you'd see the day? A post-Christian United States White House. A president who publicly worships and attends services? Seemingly we're past that now. Sort of like Europe. And apparently the only services the Obamas are or were interested in attending are those in which America is denigrated, dissed, demeaned and damned.

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Israel Must “Die’

The AP news service is quick to highlight the deaths of Palestinians, especially the admittedly tragic deaths of children (who are often used by Hamas as human shields). The same “news” services fail to point out that the reasons there are not more Israeli deaths, from rockets launched into Israel, are the Israeli shelters and Iron Dome intercepts. Somehow, the writers also forget to mention that if there were no rockets being fired and terrorist attacks on Israeli citizens in the first place, there would be an abiding peace in the region.

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Teacher Union Head Gets Failing Grade

To hear educators and pundits talk you’d think we are at the dawn of a change in public school education that will herald a new commitment to providing students and parents an education worthy of the tax dollars spent. Yet, until such time that teachers’ unions stop being impediments to success, our education system will not deliver the results we need to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s challenges.

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The Black Conservative Summit 2014

Have you registered for the Black Conservative Summit 2014 yet? You won't want to miss this powerful and impactful meeting of Black Conservatives from across the country. Register today at www.blackconservativesummit.net Space is limited!

Empower Chicago

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Chicago: The False Confession Capital

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