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Black Christians Love Israel

All Americans should welcome with enthusiasm the thoughts of the Israeli Prime Minister, who leads a nation that has fought for its survival in the Middle East every single day since its founding.

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Airing Republicans’ “Dirty Laundry”

No matter how poorly Democrats serve Blacks in politics and/or economics, Republicans make no headway among them. Many Blacks call Republicans “racist,” could it be that both White and Black Republicans suffer from a cultural bias and viewpoint whose preference for one culture that produces political ideology and notions regarding race, power and inequality? “Black Outreach” is not a new experience to the GOP; supposedly they’d been doing it for decades. As they experience loss after loss at the polls, the RNC persistently uses the same political retreads to position the party among African-Americans.

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Is Rand Paul a Racist for Opposing Loretta Lynch?

Those that wonder why race consciousness remains at high pitch in America, a half century after enactment of the Civil Rights Act and other laws associated with the civil rights movement, need look no further than the Congressional Black Caucus and understand that they want it this way. They want to keep color rather than ideas and character to be the measure of people.

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Bishop Harry Jackson: Healing The Racial Divide

The 700 Club’s Gordon Robertson interviews Bishop Jackson about the current racial divide in America and what the Church can do about it.

Dr Eric Wallace Interview

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An Interview with the Honorable Ken Blackwell at the BCS 2014

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