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A Time for Clarity

The election was tight, so the Prime Minister drew the lines clearly so that Israeli voters would have no doubt who he is compared to his left wing principal opponent. Netanyahu said that, under his watch, there would be no Palestinian state. This clarity seemed to open the gap and swept him into office.

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Oklahoma University Student’s Misplaced Outrage

As usual, most of the media and most Americans have reacted so emotionally to this incident that no one is having a rational conversation about what happened.  The coverage by the media and the discussions by Americans have been overly simplistic and lacking of context.

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Another Dred Scott Ruling?

As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to consider whether to overturn the marriage laws of all the states—as some activist federal judges have already done in some of the states--conservatives are naturally calling for judicial restraint. We must warn the court against another exercise of “raw judicial power” like that handed down with its infamous 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling. That cruel and unjust ruling is viewed as illegitimate by tens of millions of Americans. Young people, especially, are turning against abortion-on-demand. We see this in every pro-life march. And this public outcry is being translated into a bumper crop of pro-life legislation bubbling up in state legislatures.

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Bishop Harry Jackson: Healing The Racial Divide

The 700 Club’s Gordon Robertson interviews Bishop Jackson about the current racial divide in America and what the Church can do about it.

Dr Eric Wallace Interview

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An Interview with the Honorable Ken Blackwell at the BCS 2014

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