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The Ongoing War Against Christianity

For him and other homosexual activists, Christians cannot observe their religion and live by the Bible’s words they hold sacred without discriminating against gays. If this is about “how we treat each other as human beings,” as Cook writes, then how can he justify a same-sex couple going to a baker or photographer they well know is Christian, for whom homosexuality is a sin, and demand a cake or photography for a gay wedding. Can Tim Cook really believe that this is decent, tolerant, freedom loving human behavior?

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Mitt Romney’s Shocking Statement About Blacks

Blacks are totally disillusioned with Obama and the Democratic Party. Blacks are begging the Republican Party to give them a reason to vote Republican in the next election. Philosophically the Republican Party is in synch with the Black community on issues like family values, traditional marriage, lower taxes, education, and entrepreneurship.

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During the NCAA basketball Final Four Playoffs, the NCAA ran ads condemning the abuse of women. The NBA and the NFL have been doing the same.  The NBA also ran ads condemning those who use the word “gay” as slang.  On March 28, 2015, several groups and politicians condemned the State of Indiana for passing a Religion Freedom piece of legislation, which would allow their businesses to discriminate or choose not to do business with a group whose practices or lifestyles violated their religious convictions.  Many believe the law is homophobic and threatened to no longer do business in State of Indiana.  To me, it’s all hypocritical!  Why?  These protestors never protest in front of Mosques, condemning Islam and the Muslim community for the Koran’s strong condemnation of gay lifestyles.

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Bishop Harry Jackson: Healing The Racial Divide

The 700 Club’s Gordon Robertson interviews Bishop Jackson about the current racial divide in America and what the Church can do about it.

Dr Eric Wallace Interview

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An Interview with the Honorable Ken Blackwell at the BCS 2014

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