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U.S. Funnels Billions to Child-Beheading ‘Freedom Fighters’

Multiple reports have come in proving conclusively that these fundamentalist fanatics are coaxing families away from relative safety with beguiling talk of freedom and a better life, and then abruptly turning on them like the godless sociopaths they are. It’s almost too horrific to describe, but I think I must.

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No More Racist Cops

Depending on where one lives, the headlines in the local (and some national) news recently would have featured various commentaries and reports on the following: “Numerous protests have been held since the Aug. 9 killing of Brown by white police officer Darren Wilson. Tensions escalated last week after a white officer in St. Louis shot and killed another 18-year-old black man, Vonderrit Myers Jr., last Wednesday” (Reuters).

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Will Blacks in North Carolina, and Elsewhere, Continue to Buy the Liberal Line?

North Carolina, with a population that is 22 percent black, is a laboratory this November for whether the Republican challenger can successfully point to the dismal record of the Democrat incumbent regarding black progress and convince black voters that they should not vote for more of the same.

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Significant Insights – Eric Wallace

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Attorney General Eric Holder Announces Resignation

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