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Amnesty For Illegals Can’t Be Defended

With the national unemployment rate just under 8 percent, how can you argue that illegals are doing jobs that Americans refuse to do?  With all the unemployed engineers (partly because of the shutdown of NASA’s Space Shuttle program), how do you justify increasing the number of H-1B visas?  The special visa allows companies to temporarily employ foreign workers in specialty occupations for up to six years. How can six years still be considered temporary?

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Liberals Announce Plan to ‘Purge’ Christians

They were always deadly serious about criminalizing Christianity and killing free speech, but now the American left has stopped pretending otherwise. In a recent column titled, “Why Are They Called ‘Homofascists’? Here’s Why,” I wrote that “progressive,” “Christian-hating fascists” – but I repeat myself – are “hell-bent on criminalizing Christianity and pushing to the fringes anyone who publicly acknowledges natural human sexuality and the age-old, immutable institution of legitimate marriage as created by God.”

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Easter: In The Eyes Of An Angel

What would it be like to view the passion through the eyes of an angel?  Imagine Michael, who was there when our Lord laid aside crown and scepter and stepped into mud-pit earth only to be spitefully mocked with a crown of thorns.  Visualize how he and the other angels must have waited, with hand to the hilt, hoping to get the command to act.  Envision witnessing human history through the eyes of those who viewed it from the throne room.  Beings who from their first moment of consciousness, served and worshipped our Lord only to see him drop his robe, remove his crown, and come to planet earth to be abused by a race of ingrates

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Malcolm X: Black Democrats are ‘Chumps’

Malcom X calls out the Black community for voting in people (in this case the Democrats) who don't share concern for the Black community. He also shatters the Urban Legend that the Dixiecrats became Republicans.

Chicago: The False Confession Capital

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Shocking Video: Millions Dead

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