An Interview with Mark Crutcher

Former Texas governor and revolutionary hero Sam Houston once said in describing the courage and indomitable will of the people of his adopted home state, who he would lead in the great battles to win independence from Mexico, that, “Texas has yet to learn submission to any oppression, come from whatever source it may.”

More than  a century later in the town of Denton, Texas, those who man the forward battle lines in the war against abortion have a recognized leader and strategist in the person of Mark Crutcher, whose work against the abortion industry in many ways typifies that resistance to submission that Houston spoke of.  Some would say that he is a classic throwback in leadership whose style and tactics are reminiscent of the historic generals of the past who commanded vast armies of spies and soldiers who fought with a passionate belief in the nobleness of their cause.


For many years, Mark Crutcher has been an outspoken and uncompromising opponent of legalized abortion in America. In 1986, he created the Life Activist Seminar and trained more than 15,000 pro-life activists all across the United States and Canada. Then, in 1992, he founded Life Dynamics, which has since become widely recognized as one of the most innovative and professional pro-life organizations in America.

Mark is probably best known for his bold undercover operations that have exposed shocking and even illegal activities inside the abortion industry. It was a Life Dynamics sting that caught Planned Parenthood and others in the abortion industry protecting men who rape children. Another sting documented how abortion clinics make extra profit by selling the body parts of the babies they kill. The success of Mark's intelligence and surveillance efforts led one New York newspaper to label Life Dynamics, "the CIA of the pro-life movement."

In 1996, Mark authored the book Lime 5-Exploited by Choice, a groundbreaking exposé that has become the recognized standard for people who want to know what really goes on inside the American abortion industry.

In 2008, Mark told me that he was working on a project that would be a game changer in the debate over the motives and methods of the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, and the racist attitudes of those who founded it and who currently defend its tax-subsidized existence.  The project turned out to be a stunning new movie called Maafa 21, which documents with incredible detail that the plan these people set in motion 150 years ago is still being carried out today.

Freedom’s Journal Magazine sat down with Mark Crutcher to discuss his latest investigative report and the social and political upheaval it is causing across America.

FJM: Mark, your documentary film Maafa 21 is causing some serious controversy across the nation, which is nothing new for you.  In the ‘90s you wrote a book titled Lime 5, in which you provided a graphic expose of the abortion industry.  You later coined the phrase Klan Parenthood to imply racist motivations in the pro-choice movement and your undercover sting of Planned Parenthood offices showing them as protectors of child predators has given you a reputation that is revered in pro-life circles but reviled in many others.

Now comes Maafa 21 and the claims you make in it about direct connections between slavery, racism, eugenics, population control, forced sterilization and legalized abortion.  Please provide for our readers the origins and definition of the term Maafa 21, and what put you on the path to establish such a specific connection between what many people believe are the No. 1 and 1a evils in American history, abortion and slavery.

Crutcher: Well, first off the word Maafa is a Swahili word used to describe that period of history during which Africans were taken as slaves and 21 was something that we added to it to make the point that this continues in the 21st century.  That it didn’t end when the slaves were free, it just changed forms.

The reason I undertook this project was because I had long known that the sales tactics and marketing ploys that you hear about abortion being about "women’s rights, reproductive freedom and choice was nonsense.  Those were just marketing tools that were used to justify this holocaust.  The real reason behind the legalization of abortion was eugenics, and many of us in the pro-life movement have been saying this for years.  But it’s one thing to say it, but another thing to prove it.  What we wanted to do was to research this issue and show with documentation, not just with our opinion, that the goal here was eugenics.  To show it as a matter of fact- that was the original goal that we set out to accomplish.

The reality is that when you look at these two issues, slavery and abortion; a lot of people would tell you that they are similar issues.  In fact you can find a lot of similarities between the two.  But I would argue that the more you study this what you see is that the word similar does not really apply because similar indicates that you are trying to make an analogy between two separate events.  In reality, slavery and abortion are the same event.  Abortion is the continuation of something that began in the lead up to the end of slavery.  So they are not similar; they are the same battle.

The interesting thing here is that right after we released Maafa 21 we receive many calls from the African-American community, especially from what you might call the more afro-centric, anti-government liberal wing of that community who had questions about some of the things I was saying, especially those who had not actually seen the DVD but just had heard reports of it.  But the most interesting thing that happened literally just days after we released it was that there was an interview in the New York Times with Ruth Bader-Ginsberg who, as we all know is probably the most radical abortion supporter in the history of the Supreme Court, actually believes that Roe v Wade did not go far enough.

When asked in the interview about what her current view on abortion was, she gave a quote, which I’ll read verbatim, where she said,"Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of."

When that quote came out I suddenly was getting calls from some of these same people who had previously called to challenge me about what I was saying, were all of a sudden saying, "man, we see what you were talking about."   This woman who has written more about abortion than anyone ever on the Supreme Court is actually saying that it was eugenics.  That the goal of legalized abortion was to kill off groups of people that she and other elitist like her "did not want too many of." I think that most people can conclude on their own, without any prompting from me or you, that she wasn’t talking about people who were wealthy and white.  That quote in itself launched us to a different level of credibility, even among those who were telling me a few days before hand that they didn’t believe in what I was doing, even though they had not actually seen the DVD.  Now those same people are ordering multiple copies of the DVD and even giving them to their friends.  Some of those same people are now our staunchest allies in the struggle to get this word out.

FJM: You make specific allegations and provide what many believe is empirical  evidence to support your charges of racism against African Americans as being the primary reason for the emergence of the abortion and population control movements in America at the end of slavery.  Do you still believe that to be true in the early 21st century?  Do you believe that abortion is inherently racist and that organizations like Planned Parenthood are being true to their racist heritage from a position of agreement with it?

CrutcherAbsolutely!  There is no doubt about it!

One of the things that I think we have to look at is the fact that even many people who are abortion defenders and defenders of the nation’s largest provider of abortions, Planned Parenthood, for example, know who Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was.  They will concede that she was a racist, that she was a eugenicist and that these things were her goals.  That advancing that eugenics agenda as a member of the American Eugenics Society was her life’s work.   But they still won’t distance themselves from her today.  It’s an interesting thing that they’ll say, "we don’t believe that stuff anymore," but then the national award that they give each year, that they rate as their No. 1 award, is the Margaret Sanger Award.  Each year at their national convention they gather to heap praise on this woman.  You would think that if my organization was founded by a woman that we acknowledge was a racist, but I’m not a racist myself; why would I celebrate this woman?  They won’t distance themselves from this woman because somewhere deep inside they believe that she was correct.  Now that is not to say that every person who works at Planned Parenthood is racist.  That is absolutely not true.  I believe that many of these people who volunteer are caught up in something that they don’t truly understand and believe that their work with this organization is about one thing, when in reality the leaders of that organization know exactly what it’s about.  Many people who volunteer to work for Planned Parenthood have no clue what they are caught up in.

FJM: There are some whites in America, even those who are themselves pro-lifers, who believe that you may have gone outside the lines in Maafa 21 by exploiting racial wounds and piling white guilt on top of everything else.  Was that your primary intention in creating this film?  Was it to cause a larger uprising against abortion by playing the race card and angering blacks into opposition of it?  And what do you say to those who believe that this does little to advance the sanctity of human life as the universal reason for opposition to abortion.

CrutcherWell, first off as far as the issue of white guilt goes, that can’t be a concern.  The concern must be to get the truth out.  If that causes guilt in some people, than so be it.  The reality is that if we are going to fight against abortion, you must realize that you can’t defeat an enemy that you don’t understand.  You have to understand what’s really motivating this issue.  And so it advances the pro-life cause in that this shows what the driving force behind the legalization of abortion is.  Until we can grapple with that issue, I think to some degree that we’re kind of fooling ourselves.  We have to do that, and if it makes some white people feel guilty…and I have heard that, and it seems primarily a generational thing.  But I have heard it and we’ve even lost donors over it…but all the people I’ve heard it from have been much older than the average pro-lifer.  But I can’t worry too much about that…we have to tell the truth.

And too some degree, if you think about it for a moment, it’s kind of like the graphic images that when people in pro-life movement began to display the images showing the butchered babies… many people believed and still believe that it’s a counterproductive strategy because it upsets and alienates people that we might bring in, but in my view that doesn’t change your obligation to speak in truth.

So is this racism an ugly reality? Absolutely!  I’ll tell you something that I’ve grappled with in my own mind about this.  I think it’s entirely possible that you can find people who would hear this argument or watch Maafa 21 and become pro-abortion because of it.   There are a lot of ambivalent people in this culture about both race and abortion, and if their position was to say that "I had never thought that legalized abortion was a eugenics tool to lower the number of minorities in this country, but that makes sense to me."  I think there is a real possibility that that could happen, but does that mean then that we sugarcoat the truth, ignore the truth or hide the truth?  Absolutely not.

FJM: When founding Life Dynamics you talked about the need to overcome an apparent lack of strategy for professional counter-intelligence or intelligence gathering in the pro-life movement.  Some of your detractors who were outraged at your child predator investigation and similar things you’ve done are now accusing you of being the leader of a vast empire of undercover operatives working within the abortion industry who are themselves sometime guilty of criminal behavior.   I found a quote from someone claiming to have worked for you in a piece they posted on the Internet titled, "What Gives with The Fetal Tissue Scandal" that says:

"Planned Parenthood considers Mark Crutcher to be their arch-nemesis, Public Enemy #1, "the most dangerous anti-choicer in America." By Crutcher's own admissions -- made very publicly -- he was party to what amounted to a murder-for-hire ring. He sent Dean Alberty back into that abortion clinic to watch premature infants be killed by the abortionist. He sent Dean Alberty back into that clinic to continue to dissect live premature infants to sell their organs. By Crutcher's own admissions, he's guilty of multiple counts of conspiracy to commit murder.  Why is Planned Parenthood just whining about a few stolen documents?"

Crutcher: First off there were no documents stolen.  He’s operating on a false premise there.  The second false premise is that we sent Dean Alberty back into that abortion clinic.  We did not…Dean Alberty was already there and he was not leaving.

I know that this same person has suggested  that it was something untoward about us sending pro-life people undercover in abortion clinics to gather information because then that makes them complicit in those abortions.  The fact is that we have never once in all of our undercover operations sent a pro-life person into an abortion clinic to work in any shape, form or fashion, and we never will.  I would never ask anyone who was pro-life to do that, and I don’t think that you could even find a true pro-lifer that would even be willing to consider it.

We do get a lot of criticism from people in the pro-life movement who suggest that what we do is unchristian, or unprincipled or dishonest.  And then these same people will go out there and talk about a war for the unborn and that this is a war that we are in.  I would challenge those people to find any example in the history of the world in which anyone, any country, any individual or group every won a war without spies.  Spies are rife, even in Scripture.  So if you think that you’re going to beat these people without infiltrating them, you are as crazy as a drug store rat.  It’s never going to happen.

You know, I get so tired of these weak-kneed, mealy mouthed pro-lifers who talk about all the courage that it takes to fight for the unborn, but have no courage themselves.  It takes no courage to stand up and say, "It's wrong to kill an unborn baby."  I can show you people who work in abortion clinics who will tell you that.  That takes no courage at all.  At some point these people are going to have to recognize that thousands of babies are being killed everyday.  And one of the things that really upset me about this is how so many people in the pro-life movement will say that the reason they do what they do is because the unborn child is morally equal to the child that is three or four years old.  And yet no one would object that if there was a ring of people killing children in daycare centers of me going undercover in an attempt to root them out.   They certainly wouldn’t object if their own child was one who might be in danger.

FJM: What’s next for Life Dynamics?

Crutcher: This Maafa 21 project has taken off like nothing I’ve ever seen.  Of all the things that we’ve done, like the child predator project and the revelation of the marketing of baby parts, none of them comes remotely close to the explosiveness of Maafa 21.  This project has enormous potential, and it has legs that will stay underneath it for a long time.

Our goal is to spread this message as far and wide as we can, and make people see what’s really going on here.  If you think about it, the Maafa 21 DVD in itself deals very little with the issue of abortion.  There are no dead baby pictures in it…we don’t talk about fetal humanity or show pictures of unborn children.  It’s basically talking about the motivation for allowing this sort of thing to begin with.  If you look at the polling, the vast majority of people, regardless of what their position might be on the legality of abortion,  the vast majority of them will tell you that they believe abortion is murder.  That it takes the life of an innocent human being.  They’re just willing to look the other way because they believe a greater good is being accomplished.  What we’ve got to show them is that, no a greater good is not being accomplished.  There can be no greater good in killing an innocent child.  But in addition to that, if you think that the motivation behind legalized abortion was to profit women, you’re crazy.

If you can eliminate the idea that abortion was legalized to profit women, then what are you left with?  What was the motivation if it really wasn’t to profit women?

It’s not about freedom, it’s not about choice, it’s not about protecting women.  What it is about is exactly what Ruth Bader-Ginsberg let slip out in her New York Times remarks.  That is the smoking gun that exposes the eugenics motivation to all of this.


Rev. LeFlore is the Executive Director of The Beloved Community Development Coalition, Inc; a faith based non-profit organization operating in the South Suburbs of Chicago, IL. He has served as Midwest Regional Director of The Life Education and Resource Network (LEARN), and as Executive Director of The African American Family Association.

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