Is history repeating itself? Lincoln was faced with a similar question regarding Black soldiers fighting for the Union. During that time, like today, there was a lot of skepticism. How effective will these Black soldier be? Will they be loyal? Are they willing to fight for what they believed in? Will they do this just for the money, or will they do this because they believe in the cause?

As you know, the 54th Black Regiment of the Union Army fought gallantly, even though at one point they were paid less than their white counterparts. Nevertheless, they performed beyond expectations and the Black soldiers (according to Lincoln) were the difference between victory and defeat. Defeat would have been the end of the Republican Party. They had placed all their marbles on ending slavery, re-uniting the country and proving that they knew what was best for our country. How dedicated are conservative blacks and can they help the Republicans win in 2012?
  • They have stayed loyal even though they had to endure name calling from the left, names such as: “Uncle Toms” “Sell-outs,” the white man's Nigger” “traders,” “ignorant Niggers,” “stupid Niggers” along with a multitude of other names.
  • They have given money to Republican candidates, attended fund-raising dinners, man telephone banks, marched in parades for candidates, put up yard signs and supported the Tea Party Movement.
  • They have written editorials, produced web-sites, youtube videos, Hip Hop songs, DVD's, and CD's, in addition to publishing books, posters, calendars, magazines, and online magazines.
  • They have started their own radio talk shows at the local level, and have made guest appearances on Fox's Hannity & Colmes, C-Span T.V. CNN and a multitude of radio talk shows.
  • They have continued to support the Republican Party even though at times they felt like outsiders looking in.
Although, a lot of emphasis will be placed on getting the Hispanic vote in 2012, it is important that the Republican Party invest in reaching the Black and Asian voters as well. As every study has shown, America is rapidly becoming a nation of color and in the very near future the number of ethnic minority voters will exceed the number of white voters. More than our Hispanic brothers and sisters, the Conservative Black voters have supported the Republican Party (during good times and bad time) since 1854. No other race and no other (non-white) ethnic group can say that they have supported the Party from the beginning. Some say the Black Conservatives is only looking for money from the Republican Party's political war-chest. However, the record will show that Conservative Blacks have not only given more money to the Republican Party than any other ethnic group since 1854, no other ethnic group has used their own money to develop a multitude of products to reach members of their race as have the Conservative Blacks. Can Conservative Blacks help Republicans win in 2012? Only if the party leaders do as Lincoln did, believe in them, invest in them, and give them the opportunity to fight side by side for the victory. The Conservative Black is the much needed foot soldier, who can go into the Black community along with his White counter-part to bring a unique message of economic success for the Black family.

As a former newspaper publisher, radio talk-show host, and corporate employment relations consultant, Reverend Wayne Perryman devotes much of his time serving his community. In addition to serving as Minister in Charge of Church Administration for Mt. Calvary Christian Center Church of God in Christ, Rev. Perryman heads up his own consulting firm. Rev. Perryman is the author of several award-winning books, and he is proud to be called a servant of his community.

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