Urban Legends: The Dixiecrats and The GOP

Over the years there has been a concerted effort, on behalf of many, to rewrite political history, especially when it comes to the Democrat Party. These rewrites, half-truths or urban legends misrepresent historical fact; and unfortunately have lead astray countless numbers of people through politically charged falsehoods. One such legend, which seeks to rewrite history, is that of the Dixiecrats. As the legend goes, those Dixiecrats who broke from the Democrat party in 1948 all joined the Republican Party (Click names to see the articles by Roland Martin and Clarence Page).

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  • david schwartz

    The problem with that assumption is that often the employee is at a huge disadvantage in bringing a lawsuit. The equal pay laws on the books don’t mean much if the provisions for rectifying the situation are weak.

  • top_tier

    The problem with your argument is that 18 of the 21 Dixiecrats stayed in the Democrat party for the rest of their careers, including Al Gore Sr. and Klan leader Robert Byrd, only 3 ever moved to the GOP. As the author stated; The Dixiecrats rejected the Civil rights platforms of not just the Democrats, but both parties. Republicans had always supported civil rights since their inception. The ‘totalitarian, centralized bureaucratic government”, according to the Dixiecrats, was the federal government’s enforcement of the 14th and 15th amendments to the U.S. Constitution. So with both parties then standing for Civil rights the segregationists had no party to go to. Thus, they started their own with the idea of causing a stalemate which they hoped to break causing pro-civil rights planks to be dropped.

  • francisco duarte

    Absurd article, absurd conclusion. Too many stupid, biased ideas to discuss. It is e vident that people believ e whatever they want to believe disregarding facts. Mr Wallace do find absurd -revisionism’- to link conservatives with racism, bigotry, religious fanatism or to beter said- manipulation of the christianian – like the Founders- The pretention that the Republicans of today are the same of the Lincoln’s party is revisionism at its worst. His arguments are without any weight for any person that kinows the political platform of the today Republican party who aligne with them every rascist grup in America. To denied this is at least deshonest. Good try Mr. Wallace for your “unbiased” historical analisys

  • Buck from wheat

    Now I now why service organizations refer to the statement “not to talk about family, religion or politics during their meetings..that’s because you are going to step on somebodies sensitivities. You all have one vote…so use it and stop arguing about so called ideologies because none of you appear to be willing to change from your arguments.

  • justsayin

    You are not required to show ID to board an airplane.
    And if there was a voters card, your drivers annology would work. But there is no specific card to vote… Other than the voters registration card.
    A better annology would be showing a passport on top of a drivers license. See this would be additional ID that is not directly tied to the act.


    Equal pay was voted for in 1963.. And the Republicans backed the bill.. so what obama is doing now his fake ass bill.. YOU CAN’T SIGN ANOTHER LAW FOR A LAW THAT HAS BEEN ON THE BOOKS FOR 50 YEARS..


    What facts?