Obamacare Negatively Impacts Minorities

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) constitutional, I am concerned about its effect on those who need quality healthcare the most: the poor and vulnerable. The Court, of course, was not called upon to determine whether the law would actually have its intended effect. While the White House appears to have consulted many experts during Obamacare’s formative months, they also hung up twice on Dr. Ben Carson as he offered his advice.

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  • Selbo

    O wants us to be equally poor. He wants us to have equally poor healthcare.

  • freedomsjournal

    How many Brits and Canadians have you spoken too?

  • freedomsjournal

    What is a “fair” share? Who determines that? And why do you assume that having health insurance means people will have health care? We have a healthcare problem not a health insurance problem.

  • J

    The Brits and the Canadians are happy with their healthcare plan. Are the Americans happy?

  • Roryapa

    Bishop Jackson has made an assessment of Canadian and British government run health systems.  The Affordable Health Care Act, which he calls Obamacare does not create a government run health care single provider system.  In fact it maintains the private health care system we have and expands the availability to health care to an additional 30 million Americans who do not now have health care coverage.  In fact Obama’s program, does not create a tax on middle Americans, but rather expands pool of those contributing to the cost of insurance to the better match the pool of people who are benefiting from health care. 
    Obama does want to increase taxes on the wealthiest Americans.  When we all pay our fair share we will have enough to provide for all Americans.There is nothing in Bishop Jackson’s report that claims that poor people and uninsured have good health care today.  Instead, he makes an analysis based on a different systems in Canada and Great Britain.  Has he found these inequities in Romney’s Massachusetts Health Care system which is similar to Obama’s plan?   Perhaps that is not on the list of Republican talking points or perhaps he cannot get over being hung up.  Maybe he was not listening when they said “Good Bye”.  Good bye.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UK3UM4LIIMCMGKFLKDHKFR3VWU Noneofyourbusiness

    He doesn’t want to help ANYONE. He wants to make the USA a socialist/communist state.

    Get it thru your head.