“Happy to Throw a Party With Black People Dying”

When is it ever hilarious that the thought  of dozens if not hundreds of black people desperately clinging for life as torrential waters batter their children, mothers or neighbors ever funny?  David Chalian, a former political director with ABC News thought it was fair game to use a hate-mongering attack against Mitt Romney and Republicans gathered at the RNC Convention in Tampa, Florida on Wednesday.  In his vicious racist attack he said, Romney is, “Happy to throw a party with black people dying.”

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  • Pamela

    All the rebukes against Obama’s failed policies, and against the lies and slander of mainstream media fall on deaf ears. They have an agenda that they are upholding and with their foot securely in the door, they won’t relent until they’ve gotten all the way in.
    Something mighty powerful is going to have to happen to stop this.