The Rumble in Boca Raton: Romney’s Rope-A-Dope Performance

The third and final debate of this election season reminded me of a boxing match that took place about 38 years ago. It was dubbed the “Rumble in the Jungle” by Mohammad Ali, and has been recognized as one of the greatest fights in all of boxing history. In 1974 George Foreman was the heavy weight champion of the world. He had destroyed every opponent he had ever faced and many felt that Ali had no chance against a behemoth like Foreman.

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  • Eric M. Wallace

    Clearly, I was wrong, that happens every now and then ;-) But thank you for pointing it out. It is good for the soul to eat a little humble pie from time to time.

  • Paul Caporino

    How’d that landslide victory turn out, Doc?

  • rational minds

    thoughtful, I agree Romney has proved he has the temperament to be the President.

  • freedomsjournal

    I don’t seek love from the federal government and you shouldn’t either. God is love not the government. God provides not the Government. Don’t get it mixed up, the test is whether you trust in in Government or the Sovereign Lord. BTW Obama only cares about getting re-elected.

  • Tink

    The love and care you seek for you and your love ones, I don’t feel you will find if he is elected. It don’t take a rocket scientist you figure out where his heart is.
    Don’t kid yourself think about the big picture.

  • freedomsjournal

    Your comment makes no sense. Care to explain?

  • Tink

    Hope you not totally disappointed when he lose the campaign. If you have no love for yourself and others then vote for Romney.