The third and final debate of this election season reminded me of a boxing match that took place about 38 years ago. It was dubbed the “Rumble in the Jungle” by Mohammad Ali, and has been recognized as one of the greatest fights in all of boxing history. In 1974 George Foreman was the heavy weight champion of the world. He had destroyed every opponent he had ever faced and many felt that Ali had no chance against a behemoth like Foreman.

As the fight began Ali was his aggressive self. But, by the fifth round Ali began to employ what he called the Rope-A-Dope. Ali was holding Foreman close so Foreman could not unload on him. When Foreman did begin to pummel Ali with punches, Ali would cover his head and midsection with his arms and let Foreman wail on him. Many people, including myself, were confused by such a tactic. It was like the former champ refused to fight on occasion. However, from time to time Ali would counter punch. By the eighth of a scheduled 15 round bout Foreman, was noticeably spent. Ali then unleashed a barrage of punches that left the undefeatable champion, George Foreman, on the canvass as Ali walked back to his corner. Now you may ask how was that exciting fight in Zaire, Africa anything remotely like the somewhat mundane third presidential debate? Like Ali, Romney came into his verbal match against Obama with a strategy. Romney counted on Obama to be overly aggressive like the last debate but Romney refused to take the bait. As Ali used Foreman’s aggressiveness against him, Romney used Obama’s aggressiveness. Obama was ready and waiting for an attack by Romney on Libya but it never came. Obama wanted to land punches and paint Romney as a warmonger but Romney held Obama close by acknowledging that there wasn’t that much distance between their approaches to Egypt, Syria, the status of forces agreement with Iraq, or the use of drones in hunting down our enemies. Romney did a Rope-A-Dope and blocked the majority of Obama’s jabs then he counter punched with “attacking me is not an agenda.” Hence the president looked sophomoric as he tried to score points by taking cheap shots at Gov. Romney. When the time was right Romney threw a few haymakers himself. He put the President on his heels when he mentioned the “apology” tour. He scored again with questions about Russia and Obama’s remarks to Putin via Medvedev regarding more flexibility after the election. However his knockout blow came at the end of the debate. Gov. Romney inevitably saved the best for last. Just like Ali coming off the ropes in the eighth round to turn on Foreman landing one combination after another. By now Foreman knows that he’s in trouble. I can probably imagine that Foreman fears that he is losing this fight and is hoping for the round to end without incident. But it is too late. Foreman has walked into Ali’s trap. Foreman has spent himself throwing wild punches trying to knock the former champion out. But Ali has counter punched, dodged and blocked every attempt to knock him out. Ali’s punches have been measured and calculated, and now that his foe has nothing left to fight with, he has spent all his reserves, Ali lets loose. Romney does the same. In his closing remarks he masterfully moves the argument away from foreign policy back to issues close to home. After mentioning that he wanted peace and a secure future, dispelling any notion of a warmonger, Romney moves to jobs and the economy. The governor spells out Obama’s record of the past four years, describing the next four years if the President is reelected. Romney mentions that the nation is headed for 20 trillion in deficits; a further decline in take home pay; 20 million out of work while he projects 12 million new jobs with his plan. He mentioned reducing the number of people on food stamps by creating new jobs. He spoke about leadership and his experience as Governor of Massachusetts, and his record of working with democrats to get things done. He emphasized the fact that Washington is broken because it lacks leadership. He said, “We need to work together.” He talked about how the greatest generation carried the torch of freedom, hope and opportunity and now it is our turn. Again he mentioned strong leadership, a willingness to work “with you”. And lastly the final blow is that he’d work in an open and honest way. He then reiterated that our country is a great nation. In his final words Gov. Mitt Romney masterfully laid out a clear contrast between his vision for America and that of the Presidents’. Without mentioning Obama directly, Romney delivered one blow after another respectfully and forthrightly. He looked and sounded presidential and, in my humble opinion, landed the decisive TKO punch that would finally bring President Obama down. Therefore, I predict a landslide victory for Gov. Romney Nov. 6th. I have never been a big fan of Mitt Romney. However, he has shown that he has the temperament, poise and character to lead this country. The debates have made this clear with the “Rumble in Boca Raton” sealing the deal.

Dr. Wallace is the founder and Publisher of Freedom's Journal Magazine. He has been in publishing for over 15 years and in ministry over 30 years. He holds a PhD in Biblical studies and is an ordained minister. He also serves as the CEO of Wallace Multimedia Group, LLC, the parent company of this magazine. He is married to Jennifer Wallace and they have two sons Eric and Greg.
  • Eric M. Wallace

    Clearly, I was wrong, that happens every now and then ;-) But thank you for pointing it out. It is good for the soul to eat a little humble pie from time to time.

  • Paul Caporino

    How’d that landslide victory turn out, Doc?

  • rational minds

    thoughtful, I agree Romney has proved he has the temperament to be the President.

  • freedomsjournal

    I don’t seek love from the federal government and you shouldn’t either. God is love not the government. God provides not the Government. Don’t get it mixed up, the test is whether you trust in in Government or the Sovereign Lord. BTW Obama only cares about getting re-elected.

  • Tink

    The love and care you seek for you and your love ones, I don’t feel you will find if he is elected. It don’t take a rocket scientist you figure out where his heart is.
    Don’t kid yourself think about the big picture.

  • freedomsjournal

    Your comment makes no sense. Care to explain?

  • Tink

    Hope you not totally disappointed when he lose the campaign. If you have no love for yourself and others then vote for Romney.


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