The Black Vote and Democrat Deception

With the 2012 election now behind us and both national and local pundits over-analyzing the results and casting blame, I thought I’d weigh in with a few observations.

A lot is being said about the number of Black voters who came out to support President Obama. Democrats are getting all kinds of praise for their mobilization of minorities and young people. However, when you look closely at how they accomplished their goal you might want to seriously reconsider the accolades.

The Democrat Party took a play out of the devil’s handbook using “deception and lies” to mobilize the black community. African Americans, through a well coordinated network of TV programs, Black newspapers, Radio programs and Black organizations perpetuated the myth that Republicans were trying to take away our (Black folk’s) right to vote. Every day of the week some Black program host or White liberal was associating the voter ID initiatives with Black voter suppression. It was one lie after another.

You see, the Obama administration had no record to run on. The Black community has the highest unemployment. We have been disproportionately affected by foreclosures, and loss of wealth. We still lead the country in abortions, crime, and imprisonment; out of wedlock births and school drop out rates. Obama’s home city of Chicago has quickly becoming the nation’s murder capital.

So when you have no record to run on you’re bound to deflect and paint your opponent as a worse option. You have to give your constituents a reason to come out and support you over the “other guy” even though the “other guy’s” record and accomplishments far exceed your own. The one thing most black people fear is the bogeyman called “racism” or the every present “racist.” Black people are not monolithic, but mention the word “racist” or have someone walk into a room with a white sheet on and we will all stand together ready to fight and die if necessary. I have said this before get people emotionally charged and all critical thinking goes out the window.

This is how people are controlled. This is how Muslims have been controlled and incited to riot in the Middle East. The same is true for how the Black community has been manipulated throughout the years. Paint your opponent as a “racist” whether there is any evidence or not, and you can shut down any opportunity for your opponent to be heard. Black leaders and White liberals trotted out the “politics of racial grievance” (see video here) and convinced the Black community that racism is alive and well residing in the GOP. They’ve equated Jim Crow laws, which historically were perpetuated by democrats, with voter ID even though there is no proof that anyone has been disenfranchised except dead people and others wanting to commit voter fraud. The facts show that the US Supreme Court upheld the Voter ID law in the state of Indiana. It has been found that since Georgia enacted its voter ID law more Blacks, in fact, have exercised their right to vote (See Voter ID Video). At the same time, voter fraud has been committed by some of the very organization that protests the law. An NAACP executive, Lessadolla Sowers, was convicted on ten counts of voter fraud (see article here).

So how do we praise the “turn out” of minorities when the Democrats used lies, deceit and hypocrisy? A more troubling question is: How do we counter their deception? We don’t need better outreach programs to improve diversity amongst our ranks. What we need are decision makers at the table to help craft our message. We need candidates, regardless of their color, who are not afraid to engage the Black community in ongoing dialogue. We need a GOP that is willing to invest money in Radio, TV, Internet, and other like-minded organizations ready and able to carry the message to the masses. Romney should have had an ethnically mixed group around him whenever he spoke. Not tokens, but people advising him to speak with a message that resonates with all people. (Someone tell me where are the Black conservative hosts on Fox News? Why does O’Reilly always have Black liberals on his program? I’ve never seen a Black conservative given airtime on “The Factor.”)

The GOP will never see a real swing in minority participation in the Republican Party until they are willing to fight for every vote and challenge the Democrats at every point, every racist innuendo, and in every neighborhood. We need to craft our message so that it’s clearly heard by low, middle and high-income people. We can do this because we have the truth. I have always been taught that the truth will always defeat a lie. It is time we start telling the American public “the truth”, whether they want to hear it or not. Finally, one last piece of advice—we simply can’t afford to wait until the next election to start the conversation: It must begin now! If it takes scaring folks into voting Republican the truth about the black family, our economy, abortion, joblessness, national defense, crime, school dropout rates and a host of other ills, no doubt, is scarier than fiction.

Dr. Wallace is the founder and Publisher of Freedom's Journal Magazine. He has been in publishing for over 15 years and in ministry over 30 years. He holds a PhD in Biblical studies and is an ordained minister. He also serves as the CEO of Wallace Multimedia Group, LLC, the parent company of this magazine. He is married to Jennifer Wallace and they have two sons Eric and Greg.
  • Bee

    Dr. Wallace coming from a black community I’m extremely ashamed of why many blacks voted for this failed administration. My own parents believing the lies told by the liberal media. Thinking the Obama administration have their best interest at heart. I felt as though it was pure racist attitudes of a majority blacks against white males. Many complained about Mitt for being a white male and never giving any valid reason for voting for Obama. They simply hated the white man. I don’t think Conservatives should change their message because we are dealing with groups of individuals that lack knowledge, good judgement and comprehending major societal issue. Keep up the great work.


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