The bad advice keeps coming for how Republicans should recover their 1994 advantage. Many are wrongly eviscerating Romney as the source of the 2012 losses without understanding that without him, the Republicans would likely not have been able to raise the one billion dollars they received which kept them in the game. Previous RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman’s launch of Project Right Side to appeal to LBGT Americans must be considered in light of his gay orientation and discounts that Romney as did Reagan already had the endorsement of the Log Cabin Republicans (Gay Group). In trying to be everything to everyone, Republicans miss adding nothing of value to what they have always stood for–the party of liberty, freedom and the US Constitution.

The Gay Movement is one of angst for me. I am not gay nor do I seek to limit or squash citizen’s opportunities. As a black liberated woman who likes men, it is sad that there are not enough straight men to go around when one considers the number incarcerated, operating on the down low, high on drugs, out of work or otherwise indisposed. Now increasingly more men are trending gay. What will be the options available to straight women who like men and don’t want to share partners?

As a believer in the family, the surge of the gay movement threatens a quest for rights which can undermine the foundations of traditional families and marriages. To try to equate every right as a civil right belittles what the Civil Rights Movement sought to do, i.e. advance equality in terms of opportunities available to society which can rightfully be influenced by government.

To allow gay adoptions may be the thing for many to advocate, but I know that the kids available will most likely be minorities and those with disabilities. These children have enough problems as is and to have to cope with trying to achieve gender identification in gay families is still something that the literature is shaky on and the limited number of case studies on such families not illuminating enough to develop public and family policy.

To allow gays in the military sounds good but what happens when they are in nations with zero tolerance for such actions or such could force as did a Petraeus infidelity consideration, a breech of national security.

To insist that insurance cover couples or couplings of all kinds under family benefits is likely to raise premiums as well as see that benefit cancelled for most. But hospitals shouldn’t be allowed to decide what significant love ones may visit the ill, that’s the patient’s choice.

To call out gays who contract contagious diseases because of their lifestyles subjects them to a more insidious discrimination than the law should allow. Failing to educate folks on these diseases and what risky behaviors can produce is equally vicious.

To disallow gays from assuming jobs or engaging in activities where their lifestyles are not an issue is ridiculous.

You don’t support something because the polling shows a trend or independents are adopting it. You don’t pander to folks’ decadence with freebies or gutting of values and principles on which the nation was built just to get voter support. It would be great if there were marriage equity in a traditional marriage, but to allow such in the name of any and everyone who wants to get married, to engage in multiple partnerships such as polygamy, serial monogamy or common law cohabitation in the name of a marriage without a license belittles the institution of marriage. The admonitions of the Torah, Bible and Koran are exacting and harsh on the subject of homosexuality. Leviticus 20:13 ‘If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable.” As such this act is considered worse than a sin, it is an abomination.

I’m not smart enough to displace G-d as the democrats tried to do in their booing at their convention on the insertion of G-d and Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel into their platform. I am unwilling to revise the Bible or the US Constitution to make it justify present day lives and lifestyles though some scientific consideration might be constitutionally considered. My main project in life is only hoping that I can be on the right side with G-d.

Upon receiving her medical degree, Fisher participated in a residency at the University of Rochester in family medicine. In addition, she worked for two Fortune 500 companies, including medical director for Amoco in Chicago before retiring in 2000. Dr. Fisher is also the North Carolina Republican National Committeewoman and the only such black female on the committee. She is the author of "Common Sense Conservative Prescriptions Solutions for What Ails Us, Book 1" available through bookstores or on line through and will be on Kindle before the New Year.

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