Will Speaker Boehner Purge Backfire?

While Washington D.C. political leaders battle on Capitol Hill and in the White House over the approaching ominous fiscal cliff, it appears House Speaker John Boehner has shoved conservative House Tea Party members over another type of cliff. In the military it is called “relieved of duty”, and that is exactly what Boehner has done in the 2012 post-election “House” cleaning.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jim.hastings.75 Jim Hastings

    I couldn’t agree with you more Mr Fobbs ! The Tea party groups, Nation wide, are angry as hell; and are determined to rededicate ourselves to finding and promoting Tea party candidates at all levels of Government !Any politician that gave their word to adhere to Tea party Ideals and doesn’t will be a target for defeat ! One of the main long range goals of the Tea party is to act as a watchdog on those in all parties ! If they think they can conduct business as usual; they “WILL” be held accountable !