Would Gun Control Have Prevented Mass Murders

On Friday, December 14th, 20 innocent children walked into their schoolroom class at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., and before noon, Adam Lanza, 20, had gunned them and his mother down, according to Fox News sources. Recently, this horrific scene has been played out far too many times in malls, movie theaters, and at universities. This time, the unthinkable has occurred. The innocence of childhood was stripped away by this lone gunman, and left a town, and a nation in mourning.

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  • aptucker

    Thank you, Mr. Fobbs, for adding a bit of common sense to counter the knee-jerk reactions of many out-spoken and ignorant people.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jim.hastings.75 Jim Hastings

    Conn. gun laws prohibit guns in class rooms ‘ ! None of the adults that were killed were allowed to be armed ! How many of those that were killed would still be alive if some of the adults were trained and qualified to respond to any armed threat ? Would this gunman even have seriously considered this crime if he knew he might die at the hands of armed teachers or guards ?When you disarm the innocent, you empower the criminals to kill or abuse those you have disarmed !