Emancipation: January 1, 1863

President Abraham Lincoln had been warned by Gen. George B. McClellan not to interfere with the institution of slavery. McClellan was a β€œWar Democrat,” willing to fight to preserve the Union, but unwilling to do anything about the root cause of the rebellion that threatened the life of the nation.


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  • http://twitter.com/FilmCriticOne Mark DC

    Ken good job, but you should have shown what Frederick Douglass said about Lincoln. It’s ironic that Lincoln detractors dare not deal with, or even mention Frederick Douglass estmation of Lincoln. Douglass of course is in some ways the pivotal person, becasue he convinced Lincoln to do the unthinkable — put blacks in the US ARMY. People today have no clue how huge that was — not just unusual, it changed everything.

    Douglass knew it, Lincoln knew it, and Jeff Davis knew it. Plus, read what Douglass said, and why. If you want to trash Lincoln, you have to go through Frederick DOugass. If anyone knew Lincoln, and the scum sucking pigs LIncoln h ad to deal with, it was Douglass.

    Douglass gave a speech in 1876 about Lincoln. Everyone should read it. By then Douglass had the fullness of time, he was even more wise, if that’s possible. No one could touch Lincoln or Frederick Douglass in their ability to speak. They didn’t just sound good and move people, each word if filled with meaning. Do not confuse those two with the many other orators, who impress, but don’t lead. Martin Luther King was such a man. But I can only think of those three.

    If you havent, read Douglass speech on Lincoln, please., It’s a very long speech, people came from far away, and didn’t want a short speech! Douglass especially the last 1/4 of the speech, summarizes Lincoln and what Lincoln was up against. Lincoln was “zealous, determined, radical, and determined”. Yes Lincoln had to deal with people who would not pee on a black person if they were on fire — or worse, would gladly let slavery continue, if not want it too. Lincoln had to out smart, out talk, and out position those scum sucking pigs.

    Did you know that Northern Congressmen not only wanted slavery to continue, there were speeches on floor of the House calling for the arrest — THE ARREST — of anyone who even said slavery must end for the war to end. By 1864. Northern whites would gladly have let slavery continue, just end the war. They called for the ARREST of anyone who said otherwise — they meant Lincoln.

    So Lincoln had to speak, sometimes, in terms of union, that he was keeping the union together. But he was keeping union together IN ORDER to end slavery. He could have keep the Union together and end the war sooner, if he wanted. People don’tunderstand that. Davis was sending emmisaries (Blair) to and from DC, to work it out – end the war, we keep slavery. That was the unoffical, offer. Lincoln said no no no. We end this, we end this now now now.

    Ask Frederick Douglass. He was there