Isn’t ObamaCare Another Step Towards Socialized Medicine?

Female DoctorDaily the fiasco of the Affordable Health Care Act of 2010 becomes more apparent as the unaffordable medical bill which knows no end. The lies regarding its financing already demonstrate that it will be two to three times more expensive than promised, patients will not have a choice of physicians, the end is near for insuring additional patients with risk factors because of costs, Medicare and choice are undercut with limitations on additions or advantage programs and the level of services will be uniformly decreased to that of those receiving Medicaid. Over 30 states dominated by Republican legislatures and/or governors are putting the brakes on health exchanges appreciating they can’t afford them.

  • Rod T

    Thank you Dr, Fisher for the excellent information on this “healtcare” business. I fear it will ruin our health system and country. I know there are problems with the present system but I don’t feel that what Obama has given us is a good idea. We’ll see.