Just American…..Please!

Black AmericanAfrican Americans are more American than African, whether we like it or not. Although I prefer the term “black American,” and better still, just plain old American, the term which the Rev. Jesse Jackson and other race industry advocates have chosen for us is just wishful thinking. We are not Africans, nor shall we ever be. Even the term, African American, is totally ambiguous since Africa is an extremely diverse continent made up of dozens of countries and hundreds of ethnic groups and languages, many of which are diplomatically benign as well as openly hostile to one another. Having had several close Nigerian, Tanzanian and Egyptian friends over the past 40 years, I discovered that when they wished to be candid, they told me they view themselves not as Africans per se, but as Nigerians, Egyptians, etc.

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  • http://twitter.com/rtfactor1 Rod T

    Great article Mr. Hall. I just wish black Americans would take heed and embrace the fact the we are American and unique to the world.