Gun Violence

Crime SceneHadiya Pendelton is buried 9 blocks to the west of my home on the Southside of Chicago. I drive past her gravesite almost every single day. Approximately 9 blocks to the north of my home is the monument to murdered teenagers erected by CNN Hero Diane Latiker and her organization Kids off the Block. Last week CNN broadcasted live from this monument in light of the President’s recent visit to Chicago to discuss the issue of gun violence in the nation. I have close friends, family members, and students whose lives have been unalterably shattered by this epidemic.  The conversation about gun violence is personal as my community represents ground zero of this issue nationally. As a result, I am increasingly angered and frustrated by the partisan and myopic rhetoric I hear surrounding solutions to this problem by our national leaders.

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  • Diane Latiker

    Thank you Professor Williams for speaking what needs to be said regarding Youth Violence!!