When We Were Colored

Black historyDuring this my 65th year of being, Black History Month is a time to remember from whence we came, what we went through, what we have achieved and where our promise lies. My mother used to leave me exasperated referring to us as Colored People; until I found my birth certificate and appreciated that I was listed as Colored. During my time we have gone in the popular vernacular from niggras to colored to negroes to Negroes to Black to Afro-Americans to African Americans and back to Black again. NWA a popular group wants to regress us further and comics think nothing of using the N word gratuitously rather than get us to laugh at the humor in our lives.

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  • mari cable

    Thank you Dr. Fisher for this wonderful history,and a bit of personal reminiscing. I knew of Benjamin Banneker and Dr. Ben Carson and many other notable people, (little recognized in my own formative years) since homeschooling my children. The good Dr. Charles Drew’s work was unknown to me. Thank you..sincerely, Mari