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Following in the legendary tradition of the first African American newspaper of the same name; Freedom’s Journal Magazine is a nationally circulated digital publication committed to revitalizing conservative (R.I.S.E) principles, freedoms and a judicious political process that reflect the traditions, values, experiences and political culture of African Americans, in particular.

Market Profile
Our unique audience includes the over 13% African-American U.S. population with a projected $1 trillion (2012) buying power; and an estimated 86% total national average for all magazine readership (on average, a median of 10.7 issues).

Not surprisingly, research shows Black culture; opinion and values are richly diverse and account for distinct variations in how African Americans identify themselves. Notably, according to published RNC data, there were 1.4 million African-Americans who voted Republican in the 2004 national election cycle. And while dynamics in changing population trends continue to be a factor, there is growing evidence to support both the potential spending power and market viability for this unique market segment.

In general, this 35-64 reader likely represents a techno-savvy consumer characterized by strong ethos and brand loyalty built on advertising partnerships, which reflect established values; and celebrate and support community interest.

(Data: Magazine Publishers of America, 2008)