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Biden’s Bullroar: Unions Built American Prosperity

The Vice-President’s speech was boilerplate material for the union rank-and-file. He extolled the virtues and benefits of organized labor, mentioning at one point that unions built the middle class in this country which in turn has been the key to America’s prosperity. Really, Joe? Unions built the middle class? I suppose unicorns built the railroads then? If Big Labor was responsible for so much prosperity, then it must follow that more unions mean more prosperity. No need to go any further than the ground he spoke from; Detroit was once the poster child for the success of labor unions and today an estimated 60% of children in the city live in poverty. If unions produce prosperity, why is Detroit the opposite of prosperous?

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Is There a “Privilege” Gap in Education?

My question may sound socialistic to some of my fellow conservatives; nonetheless it is a question that must be addressed.   American high school graduation rates are at an all-time high, but the education gap between rich and poor continues to grow. Noble and expensive attempts to close this gap—including subsidized preschool and the controversial implementation of the Common Core State Standards—have largely failed. In the case of Common Core, where wealthy and middle class parents are hiring tutors to compensate for its weaknesses, the “reform” aimed at equalizing the playing field may actually be making the problem worse.

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What Is The Ex-Im Bank Hiding?

It seems the Export-Import Bank of the United States is once again putting up walls to keep the duly-elected representatives of the American people from getting a look at their inner workings.  Ex-Im Chairman Fred Hochberg recently dashed off a letter to U.S. House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling and Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Patrick McHenry in which he dismissed the committee’s request to interview Ex-Im officials, shying away from what he called “the inherently adversarial nature of transcribed interviews.”


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