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A Most Coveted Status: Unreported Rape, Murder and Mayhem on College Campuses

Let me be the first to say this.  Colleges and Universities are not equipped to adjudicate violent crimes like sexual assault (or assault in general).  They do not possess the investigative resources, training, expertise, or legitimacy that traditional law enforcement bring to the table.  And yet every day across America, colleges are attempting to try and determine which assault allegations merit disciplinary action and which don’t.

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Can’t Bomb into Submission

Terrorism must be fought on the ground by infiltrating enemy lines based on intelligence which drones and air assaults won’t necessarily give. Once a target is defined, precision surgical strikes must be done to cut out the human cancers while minimizing other collateral damage.

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The Magical Land of Progressitopia

Now, in this kingdom we must remember that Christianity, or “Christianism” as it would later be called (long since forbidden), along with similar such mythological and dogmatic phantasms, remained the foremost, if not the sole, thorn in the Progs’ collectivist butt. Any and all thought or practice that might, in any way, undermine full realization of, and strict adherence to, progressive thinking was, therefore, strictly verboten.

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