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How the ‘Gay’ Jihad Normalized a Filthy Practice

The public career beheading of former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich at the hands of pagan sexual jihadists, coupled with an escalating epidemic of Christian business owners facing harsh government persecution for merely living out their faith, has startled awake an America lulled to sleep by the left’s intentionally deceptive, yet oh-so-sweet sounding serenade of “equality, tolerance and diversity.”

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African Diplomats Shun Black Business Owners

There are Black businessmen who have created and run multi-billion dollar companies and have never had an African ambassador come to meet with them.  Businessmen are not just going to magically show up in your country and want to invest millions of dollars in your country and you have never found the need to establish a relationship with these successful businessmen.

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Elder Care is a Family Affair

Indeed, life has changed drastically for senior citizens in America during the past few decades. For centuries elder care was not much of an issue. The wealthy might have hired a personal staff to care for them, and the destitute might have died alone. But when the overwhelming majority of aging seniors were no longer able to care for themselves, they were cared for by their families.

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