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No Longer Elementary

They profile individuals who generated the most lawlessness in black neighborhoods, and that is black criminals.  There is nothing mysterious about profiling.  Taking the time to discriminate, implementing reasonable actions in determining who most likely would rob your local inner city Rite-Aid or Family Dollar doesn’t take an epiphany.  Yes, police discriminate in order to make the best judgment call given the preexisting societal data on crime rates among various groups.

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The Quest for True Equality

The homosexual community is masterful at PR.  When you don’t have public support for your position, many times a good PR campaign can usually do the trick.  As I have written many times in previous columns, Republicans are horrible when it comes to PR and communications, even when they are right on the issue.

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Ted, Monica, and Mickey

Approval ratings for President Obama show historically high polarization. In recent data reported by Gallup, Obama's approval from Democrats stood at 83 percent and at 13 percent among Republicans - a gap of 70 percentage points.

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