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Obama’s Immigration “Legacy:” Lower Wages and Less Security for Americans

American citizens understand the serious economic impact of illegal immigration. In addition to Americans having to compete with illegal immigrants for jobs, the nation as a whole has seen a dramatic depression in wages as we import more and more workers to compete for jobs. Following complete inaction under the Clinton and Bush presidencies, Obama’s policies have further exacerbated the strain of illegal immigration on the nation’s economy as well as our security.

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Rights And Privileges Are Not Equal

Most people have either a mistaken version, or no concept, of what it means to be free. Freedom is the essence of what makes America different from practically every other country that ever existed. This is what makes America a beacon of hope and has made it, essentially, the promised land for practically every person seeking the freedom to achieve.

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Open Borders America

In case you didn’t know it (and everybody does) our President is a part of the “open borders” crowd. Open borders proponents believe ‘there are no lines’. When you look at a map, globe or atlas it has lines drawn on it which depict borders; where one nation ends and another begins. In reality of course those lines do not exist. No one ever took a giant piece of chalk and drew them onto the face of the earth. The Obamas and open borders proponents of the world believe that if a person wants to live here there or wherever that it should be up to the individual not nations to make those calls. They believe that since no one owns the earth immigration is a right and that migration should be unfettered, unchecked and mostly if not completely unregulated. Anyone should be able to migrate any place any time they choose without check, restraint or even monitoring.

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