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Loretta Lynch Shouldn’t be Confirmed

How can anyone, Democratic or Republican, justify voting to confirm someone who said on the record that she supports illegal activity? But, of course Republicans will cave in and vote for her simply because she is Black and they don’t want to be labeled as a racist.

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Black History Heroes: Frederick Douglass on Life and Liberty

Unlike too many social agitators today, Douglass recognized that the principles articulated in the Declaration of Independence could be both an extraordinary accomplishment and imperfectly implemented. An avid student of history and political science, Douglass knew that it would take time for America to live up to its own ideals and that the challenges to the principles of the Declaration would change with the times.

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The Disease Debate of 2015

The measles outbreak that began in Disneyland last December has infected over 100 people in 14 states, most recently victimizing five infants at a Chicago area daycare. Last year, there were 644 cases of measles reported, by far the largest number in a decade and a half. The resurgence of a contagious and potentially deadly disease has reignited the nationwide debate over mandatory childhood vaccinations.

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