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Love Conquers All In South Carolina

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

before the cross

Unquestionably, one of, if not the, most influential institutions in the African-American community is still the church. Bishops, who have been elected to head their denominations, and pastors, who, by popular acclaim through congregational support of their message, oversee mega-churches, wield an enormous amount of influence among blacks, especially the pre-’60s generation.

Since Reconstruction, the black church has served as a source of strength, comfort and leadership. Ministers in the black community are, for the most part, accorded respect, and thus far the majority of black community leaders also bear the title “reverend” before their names, a condition not existing in the white community to such a degree.

A prime example of the way the church should react is demonstrated by the members of the Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina, the scene of one of the most horrific crimes of the decade. Nine members of the congregation were murdered by a gunman during a gathering for prayer. While the president and the media immediately leapt, yet again, upon the racial aspect and fostered “hate-crime” headlines, the members, survivors and family members have demonstrated the essence of what real Christians are called upon to be like.

There have been public declarations of forgiveness for the murderer, and, at the same time, there has been no racial animus displayed by any of the members. A community march is being scheduled that includes blacks and whites and survivors and members of the family. This is a pre-eminent example of what the church in the black community exemplified from the 1800s to the 1960s.

In the decades since Reconstruction (media hype to the contrary), despite specifically targeted barriers and intense local, state and even some national hostility, African-Americans have made almost unimaginable strides. Few reasonable people would attempt to argue, objectively, that America has not progressed, literally by leaps and bounds, both socially and economically.

In their book, “America in Black and White; One Nation, Indivisible,” co-authors Abigail and Stephan Thernstrom pointed out: “No group in American history has ever improved its position so dramatically in so short a time.” One can only begin to imagine the impact on the overall political, cultural and economic life of the United States had a Democrat president (Andrew Johnson) not ordered the removal of 40,000 freed slaves from 400,000 acres of prime land that was promised to them by Republicans. Can you visualize what America would be like today had not a Democrat-controlled Congress reversed the anti-segregation provisions of the civil rights legislation passed by Republicans in 1866, 1870, 1871 and 1875?

The impact on the world, not just America, of millions of free blacks having lived and worked for 200 years in a colorblind society, while attending churches like the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, in Charleston, South Carolina, would be incalculable. Literally trillions more dollars would have been generated by the American economy, making the most robust economic engine ever to exist even more powerful.

Let us carefully observe the responses of the media, both political parties and the president to the total lack of racist hyperbole and the failure to claim or blame racism – and all whites in general – by the membership for what one individual did in their church.

Could this be a lesson from which most of America could profit today? Yes, there was injustice, and we grieve, but we forgive and we bear no hate. Love never fails.

That should be the prayer uttered by all of us – for all of us.

Clashing Mindsets Of East And West

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

Muslim womanSeveral years ago, I wrote in a column that Sun Tzu observes, “Know your enemy … and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.” Without a clear understanding of how your adversary thinks and sees himself (and you), there can be no lasting peace, merely a perpetuation of wars and rumors of wars. Just as there are forces in nature that generate consequences, so in human affairs.

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Monday, June 1st, 2015

IsisI have noticed a very interesting departure by the White House from its cohorts in the national media. The current proponent of most of the violence in the Middle East is alternately referred to by the world media as “ISIS” (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) or “ISIL” (Islamic State of Iraq and Levant). The U.S. State Department uses the term “ISIL.”

God-Given Freedom To Choose Our Way

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

thinker  PlannerWhen you look at all the madness that people are inflicting upon others these days and all the trouble they create, you may sometimes wonder: 1) Why are there people? 2) Why do they keep creating havoc?

Racial Hatred In Reverse

Saturday, May 16th, 2015

EvilThe scenes that we Americans have been witnessing in multiple cities across this country, at first intermittently and lately almost regularly, have brought to mind a seriously disturbing memory. It’s a memory shared by many black Americans experientially and all Americans on some level. This haunting reality was called “lynching.”

Should Baltimore be a ‘No White Cop’ Zone?

Monday, May 4th, 2015

protestThe breaking, entering and looting of a CVS drugstore, the Mondawmin Mall, a Save-A-Lot, a Rite-Aid and other smaller businesses – including a deli, a check-cashing storefront, a liquor store and a partially completed $16 million senior citizen center – by “mourners” was no doubt owing to the fact that these businesses had somehow offended the community home to Freddie Gray.

Countering The Brainwashing Of U.S. Students

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

StudentThe root cause of much of the anti-American behavior expressed on U.S. college campuses and in local demonstrations by college students et al. is that they have never been outside of the United States; they have no idea what the lack of freedom is.

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Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Israeli flag 5According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a paradox is “something that is made up of two opposite things and that seems impossible but is actually true or possible.”

Israel is a paradox.

Why Gay Agenda Is Not About Civil Liberties

Saturday, April 11th, 2015

Homosexual MarriageThere is another series of contests shaping up in the Hoosier state. Indiana has not only become the site of the “Final Four” basketball playoffs, but it is now making headlines for another type of “same sex” activity. (Oh yeah, let the record show there are no all-girl teams in the playoffs and no females on any representative team; the playoffs are same-sex activities, men with men.)

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Thursday, March 26th, 2015

US Constitution, pen and glassesPerhaps one of the most misunderstood concepts ever to strike at the mind of man is a clear understanding of individual freedom. People generally associate freedom with the traditional concepts of slavery, legal restrictions and technical restraints, and governments typically take steps to curtail the liberties of the citizenry for fear of losing powers of control.