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National Weekly Tea Party Address: Racism is Dead
2nd Annual Trailblazer Awards
Educational Opportunity Panel at the BCS
A Holistic Vision of the Family by Minister Derek McCoy at the BCS

Malcolm X: Black Democrats are ‘Chumps’

Malcom X calls out the Black community for voting in people (in this case the Democrats) who don't share concern for the Black community. He also shatters the Urban Legend that the Dixiecrats became Republicans.

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Chicago: The False Confession Capital

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Shocking Video: Millions Dead

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Minimum Wage: Disappearing Jobs

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Oscar Micheaux: The Czar of Black Hollywood (Part 1)

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What ‘Gay Marriage’ did to Massachusetts

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When Liberals Tweet – Episode 8

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Meeke Addison’s Testimony at the BCS

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The State of the Black Church in America

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The Hon. Kay Coles James Addressing the BCS 2013

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