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A man of vision and focus, Dr. Eric Wallace couples his rich educational background with a unique ability to challenge the status quo. His post-graduate degrees in Biblical studies (MA, ThM and PhD), together with his passion and strong message of conservative reform, are inspiring exciting change.

Dr. Wallace’s publishing tenure spans well over ten years. As former president and CEO of Wallace Publishing and Computer Graphics, he published the Lamb’s Book, a Christian business directory, and the New Life Journal, a bimonthly magazine. He also served as editorial director for Urban Ministries, Inc. (UMI).

In 2004, Dr. Wallace dreamed of a multimedia company and began to implement that vision. However, he was encouraged to run for political office, and he chose to delay launching the company for two years. Dr. Wallace’s campaign drew the attention of news sources and politicians. Over the last several years, he has served on the African American Advisory Board for the Republican National Committee, as Chairman of the African American Republican Council of Illinois, a member of the Outreach Advisory Board for the Illinois GOP and as a commissioner on the Illinois Transatlantic Slave Trade Commission among others.

Currently Dr. Wallace and his company, Wallace Multimedia Group, LLC, are based out of Flossmoor, Illinois. He along with his wife, Jennifer, publish Freedom’s Journal Magazine, in hopes of encouraging African-Americans to cling to their natural conservative principles. He has also authored two books: Integrity of Faith, an autobiography, and Jesus on Trial: The Unique Presentation of Jesus in the gospel of John  (published by Integrity Books, a subsidiary of Wallace Multimedia Group and is currently available at

Dr. Wallace’s strong commitment to revitalizing conservative principles within the African-American constituency—combined with his desire to fight to uphold our nation’s founding principles— are based on his philosophical premise that “our cause requires that we stand for what we say we believe, and that we actively engage in the political process that represents us.”

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